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Hair Systems

Hair systems or wigs have been used by men for a very long period of time. Some of the newer hair systems, especially the new I’ve seen made at Advanced Hair Studio, look a lot more aesthetically appealing than the older systems.

A lot of celebrities have benefited from these hair systems. However, it is important to understand the implications of wearing the system. Mentioned below are a few advantages and disadvantages of hair system.


Obviates the need for going through surgical restoration and the process of preserving existing hair through the use of medication.


Results are pretty much instantaneous and the client walks out of the clinic with a system of his or her choice. Initial outlay for the system is slightly less (around £3000 for a good system).


Pretty much zero downtime as the patient can get back to work the next day and also unlike a nine month window with a hair restoration surgery, the client need not have to wait that length of time to see the results.


Despite significant improvements in quality of systems, they do appear unnatural and to a trained eye, it is always obvious if someone’s wearing a system.


Though the initial outlay is less than a hair transplant done by reputable surgeon, the ongoing costs of maintenance and of replacing systems can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Once a client starts wearing a system, he pretty much has to wear it for the rest of his life as the patients existing hair can gradually die due to blockage of pores.


Because of persistent blockage of skin pores with use of glue, the skin in the forehead and back can become sensitive and red.


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