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How can I stop my hair falling out?

There are only 2 products that work in halting hair-loss.

One is a topical solution called Propecia. Consult your doctor or any good hair restoration specialist for more info. I would normally do a miniaturisation mapping study and then make a masterplan depending on the patient’s expectation and motivation.


I have recently had FUE, now the new hair is falling out. When will they grow back?

Expect the hair to gradually thicken up from the 6th month onwards and expect betterment up to 12 months from the date of surgery. 

Approximation on premature hair loss operation? 


Costs for a hair restoration procedure vary with the number of hair needed for restoration and the type of surgery. Generally speaking, the strip surgery starts at around  £3500 and FUE based techniques start at  £5000. 

Will people notice my treatment?


With advancements in technology, most modern hair transplants, if performed by competent team, yield very natural results, being unnoticeable from your own hair.

What's the best course of action for hair loss?


Fortunately with advancements in technique, hair restoration results can be very good if done on the right candidates. What you need to realise is the fact that hair loss is progressive and that you might need a few procedures if you consider going down the route of hair restoration surgery. 

Would scars affect me having a surgical procedure?


Hair restoration in women is an area of huge controversy as patient selection becomes very important. The difficulty we face is the lack of resources to prevent shock loss in women. Shock loss happens when you lose your hair as a result of surgery. Unlike men, we do not seem to have any effective medications to prevent shock loss in women. Scar correction is lot more feasible and the outcomes can be very good. My advice is to make an appointment with me for an evaluation and I shall explain the pros and cons after we have assessed your hair.  

Do you have to shave the head before?

FUE can be performed without shaving the head fully if it a small area that needs to be fixed.


Will I have to take Propecia after?

Propecia does prevent further loss



Is hair loss a genetic problem?

Hair loss has a multitude of causes – Genetic, Physical and ageing are some of the common causes. There is convincing evidence to support use of Minoxidil and Propecia in preventing further loss of hair. My advice is to see a dermatologist or a hair restoration surgeon to get a miniaturization mapping study and get further advice on the way forward.

Which is the best technique to go for out of FUT, FUE and Choi?

Both FUT and FUE surgery have their merits and demerits. Kindly meet a few surgeons and not salesperson who will examine you and offer you an unbiased opinion. In general not everyone is suitable for hair restoration and hence my advice to carefully research the surgeon before you make a decision. 


Can FUE treatment can be performed on black men and if there are any implications that I should know about? 

FUE surgery in afro-carribean hair is a very challenging surgery. I am pleased to say that with the 3G FUE we have overcome this difficulty. However be advised that if you have a propensity for keloid scarring. Any kind of surgery is not advisable.  



Do you offer skin reconstruction?

My advice is to see GP to be referred to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 


If the transplanted hair does not grow you would do a FUE free to get the required result. Is that correct? 


Hair restoration with FUE is a very complicated surgery and needs a lot of planning to get desired results. One of the reasons that I have been able to keep my result consistently good, is the fact that we plan all the outcomes during the initial consultation. Once you qualify for the 3G FUE procedure, and we agree on expectations, there is no doubt that you would be pleased with the result. On that note, yes I do offer a safety net for my procedures.

Are there complications or risks?


There are always certain risks involved in undergoing any surgery. Fortunately with FUE technique the complications are very rare and minimal. You should still be aware of certain risks associated with infection, reaction to anaesthetic, reaction to the antibiotics etc. 





I have heard that the NHS can subsidise payments. Is this true and how can I apply? 


Most hair transplant surgeries are performed for cosmetic betterments and I would be surprised if the NHS can contribute towards surgical costs. However, the PCT might certain a few applications under exceptional circumstances. It might be worth discussing with you PCT if you qualify for subsidised payments.


How much hair does one need to have on top to be a client for FUE?

 The only determination for an FUE is a good donor area. So the answer to your question is that we could perform a successful FUE even with very little hair at the top.



Are you able to have hair transplant surgery for the eyebrow area? 


Yes, eyebrow hair restoration is an area that we have seen rise in popularity over the last number of years it is a successful but time consuming and delicate procedure which should be performed by skilled and experienced doctor to achieve good results.


Do you offer hair removal?

I’m afraid I do not perform cosmetic hair removal. There are numerous cosmetic procedures to get rid of unwanted body hair including waxing, threading etc. I am unable to recommend any procedures. Kindly ask your GP or practice nurse for more advice.




Would hair transplants be effective for a small area of alopecia? 


Hair restoration would be effective for small areas of alopecia. However before considering surgical restoration, my advice would be get the correct diagnosis, as some of the conditions causing patchy areas of alopecia like alopecia areata are self limiting and need medical management.

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Following are a few reasons why I believe we are considered as an extremely safe option whilst considering hair restoration surgery:


  • We have close to 20 years of combined experience between us

  • Performed close to 6000 successful hair restoration procedures using FUE technique

  • Our FUE offers some of the best yields in the industry, which in turn can be extremely cost-effective in the long run

  • Almost zero wastage of grafts, hence the yields increase significantly

  • We offer a written guarantee to replace free of charge the grafts that haven't taken up as part of our Restore guarantee scheme

  • We exclusively perform FUE hair restoration surgery

  • With our unique FUE system, we can guarantee minimal scarring in the donor area and the most natural results

  • We are one of the few clinics using Acell as part of the surgery

  • None of our clients have complained of post operative pain or swelling

  • One of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry


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