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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Hair loss Solutions

Scalp Micro-

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) has become a very popular option for clients who wish to keep their hair short (buzz cut to be precise).

A micro needle is used in SMP to tattoo the scalp to create an illusion of hair. SMP can also be used as a camouflage to disguise thinning hair. It is also a very useful tool to camouflage strip & bad FUE scars.


Unlike surgical restoration, lack of donor hair is not a concern and that significantly increases the number of clients suitable for SMP.

It is a much quicker procedure than surgical restoration as a desirable outcome can be made in a couple of sittings.

It is relatively pain-free procedure.


It is slightly cheaper than a hair restoration surgery.


With SMP, the only hairstyle the client can have is a size zero or a buzz cut. This is a big limiting factor as a lot of clients would want to have a choice of growing their hair long.

Unless performed by a trained technician, the outcomes can be undesirable.


Human scalp is very vascular and this can play a significant role in the final outcome of colour.


Certain skin are unsuitable for SMP.


Unlike other tattoos, the colour tends to fade with exposure to the elements and the client needs constant touch ups.


Being a relatively new procedure, it will be interesting to evaluate long term outcomes as to how the colour changes with ageing skin.


Of particular interest would be to know how the client might feel in a couple of decades when the rest of the hair starts going grey and the top of the scalp might resemble that of the initial tattoo.

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