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The Future of Hair loss Solutions

Hair loss Solutions

I believe we are entering an exciting phase with regards to therapeutics for hair loss.


For nearly 30 years now a combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil has been the gold standard in preventing hair loss. However there is a lot of promising research that is pointing towards better therapeutics and more targeted medications for hair loss.


Every passing year the scientific community is stumbling upon new causes for hair loss and which in turn has led to more therapeutics being trialled for patients suffering with hair loss.

The reality

In an ideal world, hair cloning or multiplication should solve the biggest obstacle for more patients seeking surgery for hair loss. However the outcomes of all the trials being conducted is pointing to the fact that the process of cloning is very complicated and might need an industry wide collaboration and significantly increased funding to achieve meaningful progress.

I believe that more targeted and better tolerated medications might be available a lot sooner than hair cloning becoming mainstream. I am in active collaboration with a few labs who seek grafts from consenting patients of mine to further research.

Having performed thousands of surgeries from the extraction process to the implantation of grafts, I believe we have made significant advancements to the surgical process whereby the chances of an unfavorable outcome has become a rarity in the hands of a well-trained and highly motivated surgeon. It is hard to imagine any drastic improvements to the surgical technique of hair restoration from where I stand. However the beauty of science is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect on one’s practice and keep improving constantly.

Manual Vs Motorised FUE - Dr Raghu Reddy - Restore Hair Clinics
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